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We are a sustainability company. We develop projects that collect waste, use it to generate biogas, turn that biogas into various sources of renewable energy, and produce organic fertilizer. The sustainability advantages we provide are:

Waste Management: Our projects collect and digest organic wastes from food processing, food sales and service, livestock, and agricultural crops, eliminating their methane emissions while reducing their odors, bacteria, and pathogens, and diverting waste to landfills.

Organic Fertilizer: Our projects produce organic liquid fertilizer, soil amendments, compost, animal bedding, and potting materials, which are each superior and sustainable alternatives to their conventional competing products.

Renewable Energy: Our projects produce biogas which can be used as a substitute for natural gas or propane, to produce electricity, heat or to fuel vehicles.  The energy supply is reliable and not subject to long term fossil fuel price fluctuations. 

Clean Water:  Our projects remove harmful excess nutrients that reach our aquifers, streams, rivers, bays and oceans, easing the impact that urban and suburban development, as well as agriculture, have on our natural water systems.